Terms of conditions

In general

Since Ø does not always work on websites etc. is Ølkassen.dk represent as both Oelkassen.dk and Ølkassen.dk. Ølkassen.dk and Oelkassen.dk I/S and Oelkassen.dk are thus one and the same company. When we refer to Ølkassen.dk, Oelkassen.dk or Oelkassen.dk I/S we refer to one and the same company.

Ølkassen.dk is an online webshop. When you use the webshop Ølkassen.dk, Oelkassen.dk or order via mail and text you shop with Oelkassen.dk I/S, c/o Erik Frydendahl, Holmegårdsvej 23, 4320 Lejre. Tel. +45 20 90 44 98. CVR No. 38646885. We have no physical store, so inquiries can only be made via [email protected] or tel. +45 20 90 44 98.

These terms of sale and delivery apply to trading on Ølkassen.dk.

Any dispute between the business and the customer is governed by Danish law.

A binding agreement between the buyer and Oelkassen.dk I/S is only concluded once Ølkassen.dk has, with an order confirmation, accepted the purchase.

Age limit

You must be 18 years of age to shop at Ølkassen.dk. By placing an order on Ølkassen.dk, the customer guarantees that he or she can legally buy the selected products.


We deliver goods in EU. Delivery of goods from Ølkassen.dk is considered to have taken place when the consumer has received the goods. The goods are shipped via GLS, Bring or PostNord. Goods will be shipped from the warehouse on the same day, if possible, if we receive the order before 10:00. However, delivery time with GLS, Bring and PostNord is typically 2-7 days, depending on the chosen delivery method. Delivery times can be longer for internationally shipping When the goods have been shipped, an email with Track & Trace number will be sent so that the customer can follow the package himself.

It is possible to pick up its goods at our warehouse in Lyngby, Lundtofte by appointment.

Price, payment and security

In this shop you can order your goods online and pay with Dankort and Mastercard. All prices at Ølkassen.dk – at the web address http: //www.ølkassen.dk – are incl. VAT, taxes and returnable mortgage. When you trade with Ølkassen.dk you enter into agreements in English. Prices are daily prices. All prices are stated in Danish Kroner (DKK). For orders over DKK 749 the order is delivered free of charge to optional GLS or PostNord parcel box. We make reservations for sold-out items, key errors, year-end changes, tax changes, and for foreign price and currency changes.

Discount coupons can not not be used in combination with limited or already discounted products such as bundles, mixed cases and other items on sale.


There is no right of withdrawal from contracts for the supply of food, beverages or other goods for household consumption. It also protects you from the fact that the beer you receive has been sold to other customers in the past.


Your purchase is covered by the Purchase Act, including the deficiency rules. This means that you can either get a defective item repaired, exchanged, get your money back or receive a discount in price, depending on the specific situation. Of course, this only applies if you did not treat the product incorrectly or incorrectly using the product. For food, the right of complaint is limited to the natural shelf life of the product.

You are allowed to complain about defects and defects in a product for up to two years after you purchase it. The shortcomings of the Purchasing Act thus apply. Of course, this only applies if it is not you who handled the item incorrectly. For food, the right of complaint is limited to the natural shelf life of the product.

Any complaints about defects in delivered products must be made immediately after the buyer has received the goods by notifying Ølkassen.dk at [email protected] otherwise the buyer loses his right to invoke the defect. Please indicate, and on request, the defect. Please take a picture of the damage.

In case of complaints, it is agreed in each case how this is best handled, and you can therefore not return the goods without prior agreement. Ølkassen.dk will of course bear all reasonable return costs in connection with complaints.

Returned packages

If a parcel is rejected or returned to Ølkassen.dk due to late pickup at the pickup location e.g., Ølkassen.dk I/S refunds the amount corresponding to the price of the order, but deducted our actual costs of shipping, return shipment and a fee of 100 DKK, for coverage of packaging material and handling.

The actual shipping cost depends on the weight of the parcel and it is higher than the price you are paying as a customer on the webshop. You can contact Ølkassen.dk for information about the actual cost of shipping for a specific parcel.

If you want to return a package yourself, send it to:

Ølkassen.dk, att. Erik Frydendahl, Holmegårdsvej 23, 4320.

Privacy Policy

What do we do with your personal information (privacy policy)?

Under ‘Privacy Policy’, which you will find on the front page of Ølkassen.dk under information, we have thoroughly described our privacy policy. The following is the short version.

In order to enter into an agreement (purchase) with Ølkassen.dk, we need the following information:

Name, address, mobile number and Email.

We register your personal data for the purpose of delivering the goods to you.

When collecting personal information through our website, we ensure that it always happens when you give your explicit consent, so that you are informed of exactly what information is collected and why.

Owners and employees of Ølkassen.dk have access to the information that is registered about you.

The data controller at Ølkassen.dk is the owner.

Information provided to Ølkassen.dk is not passed on or sold to any third party in any way, and we do not register any sensitive information (if you create a user profile with us we will store your previous purchases only for the purpose of accessing your previous receipts and purchases). not disclosed to third parties).

As registered with Ølkassen.dk you always have the right to object to the registration. You also have the right to insight into what information is recorded about you. You have these rights under the Personal Data Act and any inquiries in connection therewith should be directed to [email protected]


Ølkassen.dk uses cookies for the purpose of optimizing the website and its functionality, making the visit as easy as possible for you.

You can delete cookies from your computer at any time.

Web Statistics

We use a web statistic at Ølkassen.dk which means that a statistical system collects information that can give a statistical picture of how many visitors we have, where they come from and where on the website it is abandoned etc. The web statistics are used only for the purpose of optimizing Ølkassen.dk.

Questions about our terms and conditions are addressed to [email protected]