About IPA & Pale Ale – Sour IPA

For these beers, the focus is on hops and aroma. We have collected everything from the easy-drinking session IPAs and aromatic american pale ales to the slightly heavier Double IPAs and the dark Black IPAs, where the scent of a normal IPA is fused with roasted malts. We would recommend New England IPA / DIPA, where the aroma and hops have been given an extra jolt and the beer appears cloudy and "juicy". If you can't get anything, we also always have a handful of Triple IPAs in stock. Whatever you choose, we can guarantee a really fresh beer with a good aroma and taste. Please note that all our IPAs are kept refrigerated from the time we receive them.

As the beers in this category contains high amounts of hops, we are recommending to gently roll or swirl the can before opening. This will help ensure a more even pour.