Frequently Asked Questions

We offer shipment with PostNord. If you buy for more than 600 DKK you get free shipping with PostNord in Denmark (does not apply to EU). You can also choose pick-up at our warehouse (Lyngby) or at one of our ‘pick-up points’. We do not have a physical store and neither regular opening hours. These ‘pick-up points’ are private addresses. If you choose pick-up, we will contact you to coordinate further.
Pick-up Points:
S-Huset, Lundtofte (2800/Kgs Lyngyby)
Lejre (4320/Holmegårdsvej)

Bunker af Vin (4000/Dronning Margrethes Vej)

[Bunker af Vin: Order no later than Thursday 12. Pickup Saturday 11-14]

Yes, we ship to most countries in the EU. The price of shipping is fixed (no matter the purchase size), below is a table of shipping prices.

PriceFree Shipping
Denmark49 kr600 kr
Sweden98 kr1200 kr
Finland144 krNA
Austria281 krNA
Belgium98 kr1200 kr
Bulgaria315 krNA
Croatia315 krNA
Czech Republic281 krNA
Estonia281 krNA
France98 kr1200 kr
Germany98 kr1200 kr
Hungary281 krNA
Italy315 krNA
Latvia281 krNA
Lithuania281 krNA
Luxenbourg98 kr1200 kr
Netherlands98 kr1200 kr
Poland98 kr1200 kr
Romania315 krNA
Slovakia281 krNA
Slovenia281 krNA
Spain315 krNA
NorwayDoes not ship here currently
IrelandDoes not ship here currently
United KingdomDoes not ship here currently

At Ø we reuse packaging material to the extent that it is justifiably safe for our shipments. We do this to reduce our use of disposable material, which is more environmentally friendly than sending each shipment in new packaging. This may mean receiving a shipping box stating a product / brewery name or containing newspaper instead of bubble wrap. If you want to receive your shipment in new packaging, simply write this as a comment on your order.

Maybe! We always try to send parcels as soon as possible, but sometimes it may take a few days before your order is shipped. To make sure you get your package in time, if the order is placed only a few days before you need it, send us an email at [email protected] (or use our contact-form) with order number and by when you need the package. We will get back with the possibilities.

In case of mistakes, please send an email to [email protected] (or use our contact-form) with your order number and the mistake. We will help correct the mistake as soon as possible.

Maybe, if your order has not been processed yet. If you add to your previous order within a short time, then it will probably be fine. You can always send an email to [email protected] (or use our contact-form) asking if you can add to your previous order. When adding to your previous order, you can place a new order and select “Afhentning på Lager” and then enter order number on the previous order in the comments field. But you need to be in contact with us first.

Write an email to [email protected] (or use our contact-form) with your order number and state that you would like to cancel the order.

We are very sorry about that! We always try to ensure that the orders we send are 100% correct, by checking them twice. With that said, we also sometimes make human mistakes. Please send an email to [email protected] (or use our contact-form) with your order number and the error, and we will find a solution as soon as possible!

As a starting point, there are approximately:
400kr: 8 beers
600kr: 12 beers
800kr: 16 beers
This is only approximately and may differ slightly depending on the availability of beer, your desired box and your specific wishes.

Both! At a higher price, we will both put more beer in the box, whilst adding beer that is even better.

Yes, see “Gave fra Ølkassen”. We charge 25 DKK. The beers are wrapped individually. The wrapped beers can be a bit rumpled when they arrive, since they still have to be safely wrapped for the shipping.

Gladly! We are happy to provide more information about the beers. We taste and approve all the beers on Ø and will be very happy to tell you a little about how they taste. If you want to know more or would like recommendations, send an email to [email protected]!

Maybe! Unfortunately, there are many beers that we can only obtain a limited number of, and beers that are only brewed rarely and maybe even just one time. Please send an email to [email protected] (or use our contact-form) and we will investigate the matter for you!

Some of the beers we get in stock are very special and difficult to get, to us as well. We only get a very limited number of these, less than wanted. To ensure that as many of as possible can try these beers we often limit how many can be purchased pr. person.

You can find our Privacy Policy & Terms of Trade on the website by clicking on their link in the bottom left corner.

We are a relatively small company, which is partly run as a hobby a long full time jobs. We do not have a very large profit margin, and an E-handelsmærke certificate has a (at present for us) too high annual price for us to subscribe to it. Of course, we comply with all Danish laws regarding terms of trade, etc. and always try to provide the best online service (even without an E-handelsmærke).

Our reviews can be found on both our Facebook page and on Trustpilot:
We appreciate all reviews!

All our shipments are shipped with PostNord. When you order, you can choose between delivery to a parcel shop or home delivery. The price is stated when ordering.

Vi kan ikke modtage yderligere instrukser vedrørende leveringen herunder via kommentarfelt eller email. Vores leveringer foretages af PostNord, hvorfor deres vilkår for levering er gældende. Vi henviser derfor til PostNord, der har ordningen Modtagerflex hvor du inden levering via SMS eller email kunne angive, hvor PostNord må stille pakken, såfremt du ikke er hjemme. Har du spørgsmål til ordningen kan du rette henvendelse til PostNord.