About us
Behind Ølkassen.dk are Asger, Christian, Erik, Jens, Jesper, Lavrans and Søren. We have teamed up around our passion for great beer. We love going to craft beer festivals, trips and anything beer related to taste and find the best.
With Ølkassen.dk we want to make it easier for you to find a have delivered high quality beer from around the world.

Our selection
It is not our ambition to be the largest online seller of craft beer. Our basic idea and ambition with Ølkassen.dk is to make a webshop where there entire selection is nothing less than amazing. A webshop where we would buy all the beers ourself. So that’s what we have done.

We try all the beers ourself (somebody has to do the hard work :) ). The good beers we put for sale in our shop. The not-so-good beers you will not find in our shop. Thus not said that there isn’t good brews out there we are not selling yet.